Somos la única empresa con un GloboPuerto en Latinoamérica
Celebra ocasiones especiales como nunca lo habías hecho
Personaliza tu vuelo en globo y vívelo como más te gusta
Vuela libre y seguro en Teotihuacan, contamos con Pilotos Certificados
Encuentra tus servicios preferidos y siéntete como en casa
Adéntrate con nosotros en la mística cultura Teotihuacana

Flight Visit México

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Activity hour:

06:30 am

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Flight Visit México

Welcome all of you to Mexico, enjoy a real good ballon ride over the Teotihuacan pyramides as you always dreamed it, book now!

¿Qué Incluye Tu Vuelo en Globo Teotihuacan?

Ballooning in Teotihuacan

Reception with coffee break

Toast with wine during the trip

Before the balloon

Ride in Teotihuacan experience begins at 6:30 a.m. with arrival facilities. Welcome to Mexico traveler!

Happens with us at reception for a quick record, where we will also say in what amazing hot air balloons will travel. Then make yourself very comfortable to enjoy a Coffee Break with coffee or hot tea and cookies while watching the inflation of the balloon. It's a fantastic view!

Remember to have your coat, camera and all that you will take with you during the ride, (have lockers available to you so that your belongings are safe in the event that you need to leave them).

And it will be time splitting the area of flight! We will call you as soon as your balloon is prepared so that you can address.

Ready for your adventure in a balloon?

Once up, you are ready!

It addresses carefully, follow the initiations of your pilot and begin to take off will be the most fun part of ride ballooning in Teotihuacan.

Thus Teotihuacan you will see from the heights

Enjoy seeing all the balloons hot air that will fly together to you, the beautiful natural scenery, and most expected: the majestic pyramids of Teotihuacan.

You will be so close to the area most visited Ariqueologica of Mexico, you can see the top of the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon without raising them.

It may even be the perfect time to gather your companions and take fantastic photos with the flag of your country.


They will be amazing with bottom-hot air balloons!

A very special toast celebrates that you feel at home! Your driver will find the perfect time to open a bottle of sparkling wine, that can not miss on each balloon ride since 1783.

Upon landing once you land, leverages to see impressive inside the balloon and take great photographs within it. In addition, you can help the crew to deflate it and store it to go back to the facilities.

Time of return! Upload to the basket and enjoy exploring the streets of Teotihuacan as you know the way of life of its inhabitants.


The walk to reach the Globopuerto receives a certificate of flight custom with your name (a magnificent souvenir of your adventure in Mexico you will be framed forever).

Continue your adventure in Mexico?

Don't stop here! Still knowing the wonders of Teotihuacan after your balloon ride.

 You can recharge with a very Mexican breakfast, and then give a tour of the archaeological zone up to the impressive pyramids of the Sun and the moon.

If you need round transportation to Teotihuacan, we will for you at the lobby of your hotel in CDMX to take you to begin your unforgettable adventure in Mexico.

$130 USD

Price by person

Vuelo en Globo Aventura
Acceso a las pirámides

Vuelo en Globo Aventura

$2960 USD

Vuelo en Globo Tradicional
Incluye desayuno

Vuelo en Globo Tradicional

$2599 USD

Vuelo en Globo Privado
Ideal para volar en pareja

Vuelo en Globo Privado

$3500 USD

Vuelo en Globo Cumpleaños
Incluye pastel

Vuelo en Globo Cumpleaños

$2800 USD

Vuelo en Globo Amanecer
Primer vuelo del día

Vuelo en Globo Amanecer

$3600 USD

Vuelo en Globo Entrega de Anillo
Incluye brindis con Champagne Moët

Vuelo en Globo Entrega de Anillo

$8500 USD